David Lemon, Sculptor - Master of Bronze

Somewhere a Cowboy's Walkin


Somewhere a Cowboy's Walkin
Two Crow warriors decide to go off, on their own, on a horse raid. Unsuccessful, and dreading the ridicule from members of their tribe, they are on their return trip. They pass through a forested area. The sound of cussing and swearing stops them.
A cowboy, watching over the ranches herd, he's working for, finds a calf in deep mud and tangled in underbrush. He dismounts his horse, takes off his hat and hangs it on the saddle horn. He's struggling with the calf, trying to untangle him in the black mud.
The Crow warriors, meanwhile, investigate the commotion. Their eyes are first filled with the sight of a horse, fully saddled, lazily grazing in the mountain meadow. They see the cowboy's attention is on the calf. They look at each other, then at the grazing horse. a smile forms on both their faces. They see an opportunity to save their reputations and to play a trick on the cowboy at the same time.
The first warrior to the horse grabs it's rope, the other, thankful they won't have to face ridicule, agrees to let the warrior take the prize. His eyes fall on the fine hat, hanging off the saddle horn. They ride off victorious. One trying on his new headgear, the other, silently chuckling to himself at the ease with which he captured a fine horse, saddle, and sheathed rifle. Songs will be sung about their exploit. Honor is satisfied.
The cowboy, dripping with mud and holding a struggling calf in his arms, looks around, with the words forming on his lips.... "Where's my Horse?"

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