David Lemon, Sculptor - Master of Bronze

Working for the Brand

Working For The Brand
(life-size version)
At over 6 foot 3 inches in Height, here is a representation of a working cowboy from around the turn of the 20th century, girding up for a days work.
You look into this cowboy's face and you see a cockiness, that has gotten him into more than one bar room battle. His eyebrow, and upper lip have scars from some heavy duty disagreements. A once, broken nose, adds character to this young man. He carries on his gun belt a 1880's Colt. David used an authentic pair of Batwing Chaps as the model for this piece.
In the (*)Remuda, he pulls on his work gloves, and pre-pairs to laso his mount for the day. Cowboys, lots of times, didn't owned their own horses. They would take what was available from the wild horses in a remuda. Sometimes this led to a rough awakening as the horse, cold and cranky, and determined not to be rode, rebelled. Cowboy life took, and still does take, a special breed of man and woman. Sometimes the Cowboy was just as untamed as the (**)Barbs and (***)Cayuses they would ride on the cattle drives.

(*) Remuda: A group of extra saddle horses kept as a supply of remounts
(**)Barb: Brought over by the Spanish, the Barb is a desert horse, with great hardiness and stamina.
(***)Cayuse: A particular breed of mountain pony with shorter legs and large hindquarters, typically also of Indian husbandry.

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