David Lemon, Sculptor - Master of Bronze

Welcoming Pomp

Welcoming Pomp
Toussaint Charbonneau, and Sacagawea (known as Sacajawea) holding their young son Jean Baptiste, nicknamed 'Pomp'.
A SHARP CRY rang out in the cold, snowy night, the only sound heard in the sleeping village. The noise came from a young Indian woman named Sacagawea, who at fifteen was about to give birth to her first child. Her labor was proving very long and very painful.
In 1805, Pomp and his mother Sacagawea traveled across the western United States on the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition. But that was only the beginning of his adventures. As an adult, he toured Europe with royalty, blazed new western trails as a mountain man, survived a bear attack while scouting for the U.S. Army, and became one of the first Americans to catch "gold fever" during the California Gold Rush.

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